5 August 2007

How not to expose your missing brain

Jocelyn Chiwenga is married to Zimbabwe's top soldier. She is an intelligent and gifted communicator, with common sense, maturity and humble approach to her life. Not. If you want a real giggle, then read the letter she wrote with threat of a lawsuit to a newspaper in Zimbabwe. The madam is one chibuku short of a pungwe. Thanks to The Bearded Man blog for reporting this. I am sure that Field Marshall and Lord of the Admiralty, Comrade Chiwenga, must be bursting with pride. Compare the idiocy of Amai Chiwenga with the solid debates about Zimbabwe in the House of Lords.

UPDATE: See this later article from AllAfrica.com. This woman is a weapon of mass self-destruction for ZanuPF.

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steve at the pub said...

There was supposed to be a point to that letter?