6 August 2007

Saturday night braai

Ready for friends and a braai in Worthing

Yes, it is not quite the same as the 'old days' of braais around the pool with loads of good friends around, but after a full day of working in the garden, I was thankful it was a small one. We enjoyed a very convivial meal with Zimbo friends, the Chiketas, and it felt good to be able to just talk lots about things we all had in common. And you know, the meat for the braai was excellent - British beef and lamb - cooked up deliciously. We are getting used to the fact that the sun is still shining bright at dinner time (this photo was taken at a quarter to six), and as the really terrible garden we moved in with a few months back turns into something much nicer, we are enjoying our first full English summer.

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Flame Lilly said...

Sounds wonderful! We're lucky to have a store called The African Hut just down the street from us, so we get boerwors from them and have ourselves a tasty braai!! The garden looks great!!