18 October 2007

Need to print out easy calendars?

Not sure if you are like me and need to sometimes print out calendars in weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly formats, with various tweaks? You can spend a lot of time in Word or Publisher, but I discovered a great site called CalendarsQuick.

CalendarsQuick.com, a site where you can download professional-looking printable calendars. They have personalized monthly, weekly, and yearly calendars, as well as do-it-yourself family planners, business calendars, photo calendars, academic planners, and more!

Sign up for a 12-month CalendarsQuick Premium membership today and we'll each get 6 bonus months of membership free! I know this is unabashed advertising but actually, I am finding this site membership really useful, and great value for its really low price. Use the link below to get the free 6 months extra, via my referral, and we both win!

The URL to sign up is: http://www.calendarsquick.com/hc/index.html?id=57624

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