17 October 2007

Go Bokkie Go!

Not sure how they got my email address, but I was kind of glad to get a message from http://www.gobokke.com/ today, because I am now getting into the spirit of the World Cup Rugby final this Saturday between South Africa and England. Can you imagine my work colleagues here in the UK actually asking me which team I am supporting? Rose might be of split loyalty, she of the British passport and extraction. Julie became a British citizen this week, in a little ceremony involving God Save the Queen and a pledge of allegiance. Some years ago, when my Zimbabwe passport expired and I duly appeared at the Zimbabwe High Commission to get a renewal - and was told in no uncertain terms by an obnoxious official that people like me (of the melanin-impoverished variety was the clear implication) were no longer welcome in Zimbabwe and I was told that like the Biblical Esau I needed to renounce my birthright to get a renewal. So having waved my passport, my actual certificate of registration as a Zimbabwe citizen, and other evidence that I had lived in Zim for more than 40 years, I left with no other option but to ask the South Africans for citizenship, and got it sorted out in weeks. So, go bokkie go!

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Robb WJ Ellis (aka Mandebvhu) said...

Yo MDT - I know the feeling well. The Zimboes refused to renew my passport - even told me that if I set foot in the country whilst ZANU PF are in power, I would be arrested on the tarmac! And then transported to that wonderful 5 star place of residence they call Chikurubi. Why? They say that I am a spy!

007.5 signing off.



PS: I fly a Brit passport these days...