15 October 2007

A new Casting Hope is out

Show number 6 - Direct download: Casting_Hope_podcast_6.mp3

Jeremy Rolph, a student at St. Andrew's High School in Worthing was in the building this week as part of a work experience adventure with Feba - so of course we had to show him how to make a podcast, and get him to do the voice-over bits for us. Well done, Jeremy!

What is in this show?

Chris Binstead talks about his role as Feba's ambassador in the UK. he also tells us about the Partners for Hope and the Feba Supporters Trip to India in early 2008. You can contact Chris by email at cbinstead@feba.org.uk or by his work phone number +44 (01903) 237281.

The podsafe music in today's show came from http://www.magnatune.com - they are great!

The band is a group that has been together since the 1970s, and they call themselves Thursday Group. The track is called Turtle Spin, from the CD called Uncle Mean. Quite jazzy, with some funk, swing, and blues stirred in there.

This track is actually used by quite a well known podcast as its signature tune - so the prize of public fame by mention in a future show is up for the first person to email and let me know which podcast uses Turtle Spin as its signature music.

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Direct download: Casting_Hope_podcast_6.mp3

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