24 November 2007

Jetting out of Blantyre

An exteremely hot and humid Chileka airport is my departure point from Malawi, having been here since Wednesday. We travelled a little more than 200 kms up to our FM station building site, to see the progress of the building work there. The drive north is such a pretty one, with Zomba mountain standing proud in the distance at one part. It was good to meet up again with Keith Moller, our missionary partner, and meet his wife Christine, and the children Michael & Hannah. The kids were as happy as anything playing in the hot and dirty sand around the house and building site. The FM station site is on schedule, and looking good. Cement prices are a problem, and we are having trouble finding a carpenter to do the manin roof and som odds and ends inside the building ... so anyone with good carpentry skills who wants a short-term missionary assignment - contact me!
photo credit: Otis Elevator Company
I am heading back to Joburg and directly to Durban today - and will get to hug my grandsons tomorrow! And their mom and dad of course. Looking forward to that very much.

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