29 November 2007

Cafe Med in Harare

Tuesday night this week, my mom took me out for supper - not quite a first, but it has been a while! And it only cost 20 million dollars, for racks of spare ribs, and some strawberries and cream. 20 million smackaroons ... well it was not quite £6.00 in real money. The owner of Cafe Med is Lew Hughes, who before it burnt down also owned the much remembered Clovagalix Restuarant that operated in the Avenues. A few years back the menu at Cafe Med was brilliant, but sadly today, Lew was telling me this week, he can offer spare ribs, grilled chicken, or pizza. No ice cream, because the power is not on long enough each day to keep the freezers cold. It was strange to think that I had early morning coffee on the deck at the farm near Pietermaritzburg, lunch in Johannesburg, and supper in Harare.

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