17 December 2007

Benjamin Franklin, early pneumo terrorist

100% true - a lady of considerable means (I imagine) is travelling on board a plane in the People's Democratic Republic of America, and has a problem with ... well ... gas. It must be a real pain to be so concerned, but this poor woman was expelling some reasonably pungeant fumes and decided that some camouflage was required.

So she reaches quietly into her handbag, and lights a couple of matches, in flight. It was an impeachable act of pneumo terrorism, and soon the merest whiff of sulphur brought along more than mild panic, and an emergency landing in Nashville. 99 passangers and 5 crew are evacuated, whilst the crack Nashville pong police are brought in to sniff out more clues. It is now un-American to pass wind, and maybe the future guilty could end up in that gwontamano bay prison place.

And if more Americans actually watched Discovery Channel, they may have figured that matches do not disguise the smell anyway, because that notion was BUSTED by the infamous Mythbusters.

Believe me not?

Check here: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/americas/6213644.stm and whilst you are surfing, you might be interested to learn the title of Bejnamin Franklin's autobiography - let's see George W declare him guilty of un-American acts.

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