18 December 2007

Well done BBC Three

Sunday night on BBC Three was an absolutely fabulous live production based on the nativity of Jesus. Set in Liverpool, and featuring the music and landmarks of Liverpool, it was a wonderully creative and contemporary retelling of the lovely truth of the coming of the Messiah. Now there may be some trying to ridicule or rid Britain of biblical Christianity, but I think the message of hope and the love of God shined through this production. Knowing a little bit about production (just enough to be highly dangerous) I can say that this must have been a huge undertaking by the BBC, and I tip my hat to all involved. I was really glad that work colleague, Keith Partington, told me about this, and doubly glad that we have time-shifted television here.

It is on again over Christmas weekend on BBC One and BBC Three: details here

One thing I wonder if others noticed was the irony in using John Lennon songs, after he once declared the Beatles were more popular than Jesus, to announce the birth of Jesus.

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