5 December 2007

Google advances towards ...

There is lots of hype and speculation that Google are developing their own OS that will live and breath on-line and not need anyone else's OS to work ... but whilst that work is done in relative secrecy, they do continue to quietly roll out enhancements ... many Google Mail users will soon be unaware that their Gmail account has automatically upgraded to version 2.0. If you see OLD VERSION as a link at the top, then you have been upgraded. Faster, leaner, more features - are the promises. I am still digging to find out exactly what that means. All I know is that I love my Google mail. Since living in the UK we have not used anything else for personal email, and it works brilliantly for us. We can get our email anywhere we are connected, both be using it at the same time in different places, chat to our kids, see who else is on-line, all within the email client - and that is just ... nice.

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