1 December 2007

Old Friends at Harare International

Sonja and Alan Ruile waiting for a flight to Joburg

Flying to Johannesburg this week, after a quick two day visit to Harare, I bumped into Alan & Sonja Ruile, old friends. Alan was in the same church as us for many years, and for a while was part of a men's quarter called The Kingsmen, with Clive Bishop, Johan Backman, and myself. They were on their way to Toowoomba in Oz to see their daughter Sue, and her family. It was great to see them again, and catch up with their family news. On the flight, I caught them REALLY enjoying in-flight luxuries they had not had for ages - bread and cheese! Makes you sad to think of that. The airport restaurant tried to charge me US$36.00 for 2 Cokes! Silly people - they had popped the tops off, so I told them to stick them back in the fridge because I wasn't going to pay that amount. Personally I think the young lass behind the counter was simply demonstrating her inadequate calculator skills, although I might be quite wrong and instead it was just the greed of whichever Comrade owns the restaurant at the airport.
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