16 September 2008

Uploaded - 16\09\2008

The day shift takes over and bursts into action with a flurry of activity. I love the tubby lady with beaming smile who cleans and changes our water. She has a great sense of humour.

The night nurses work hard. We have a delightful old boy in our ward who talks long sentences in his sleep, all night. He mostly asks for a nice cup of tea!

I had a pretty good sleep last night, after enjoying a little more of my John Grisham book, The Testament. Blood pressure I bit high today and that pesky blood oxygen is still too low, but just peaking 90% for the first time here.

The elusive scan should happen today and then we should know what is causing my symptoms. It feels like being on a high mountain and just not having quite enough puff. Meanwhile, here I stay.

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