7 April 2009

Blog or Facebook

Image: Courtesy NY Times

I can't quite decide - invest time in my established blog or focus on Facebook. Sure, I get much more immediate responses, comments, feedback etc on Facebook, but then I also get requests to join groups I am not interested in, virtual hugs and flowers and all manner of assorted causes to join.

People who do not understand just how significant an impact all this social media is making protest: where do you find the time to mess around online? Yet it is true that many companies are now banning Facebook at work, because their people are wasting company time and being distracted by its live feed.

So, the internal debate is going on in my head.

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Jerry Hayden said...

Interesting point, Mark. Two issues in my mind are the copyright and control of your content on Facebook and the growing number of invitations to stuff which simply does not interest me.
My view: develop the blog (you own and control it). Use Facebook to link people to it (doesn't matter if you don't own/control it).